Carolina Relic Run 2018


Dec 16, 2011
Hey guys! We'd love to see you again if you can make it!

We're happy to announce that CRR2018 registration is now open! We’d like to let everybody know that we’d love to see you at our 3rd Annual Carolina Relic Run. Oh, it’ll be a scene, man. Here’s a little TLDR (too long, didn’t read) synopsis of what we’re laying down this year.

-April 26-29 (YEAH! Starts on a Thursday!)
-Uwharrie National Forest in Troy, NC
-Early - 1990 (by build date) Land Cruisers are the focus
-Anyone can come with the proper registration
-Family friendly
-Awesome campground
-Uwharrie (URE) offers so many things to do (and possible Bigfoot sightings)
-Catered Saturday Southern-Style dinner with registration
-Cruiserheads of Tomorrow (17 years old or less) are free with paid adult
-Super cool Saturday RELIC’s ONLY trail ride and group photo
-Mega cool prizes for an assortment of Relic-related radicalness
-Registration discount if purchased before April 9th
-Hmmm. I think I’m forgetting something. What could I be missing? :doh:
Wait for it…...RAFFLE!!! With special Relic Drivers Only prize!!!

Start HERE for all the groovy details then clear your calendar to come hang with the coolest people from all over the East Coast. We can say that because you’ll be there, right?
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