Calling all Cruiserheads!

Jun 16, 2008
Trinity, FL
Hey everyone, need some big time help PLEASE! My LX has been down for a while due to a clunking noise coming from the undercarriage. It's not the birfields as I know that sound well (been suffering for a while and haven't been able to get to them). The issue is when she starts moving, so I am thinking possible ujoints or driveshaft but not sure or how bad. This is the primary for now, although there is a laundry list of things she needs. I love my truck (actually wife's daily driver), but I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Don't have a ton to throw at some knucklehead mechanic who has no clue abut our trucks and will just keep throwing things out there as it's not his money, lol.

Looking for anyone interested in giving me a hand diagnosing and or fixing whatever it is. I am pretty good with a wrench, but have my limits...and although I have acquired quite a few tools over the 8 years I've owned her there are still a bunch I don't have to do some of the jobs she needs. Not to mention the fear of screwing something up worse ;).

Anybody up to helping out a fellow Cruiserhead? Lunch or dinner (and beer) is on me for anyone who can come lend a hand, and of course you can count on me to return the favor. Again, no expert but sometimes you just need another set of hands/eyes to fix it...

Thanks in advance for your help!


Florida Man
Jul 22, 2012
Orlando Florida
get under that thing and look at the driveshafts.. if the splines are worn out you'll see it. These are the splines in the driveshaft slip, that it uses to compress and extend. If it has been neglected over time they can wear out.
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