Anyone ride dirtbikes or atv?

May 31, 2010
I picked up a little 225 dual sport a few months ago to use as cheap around town transportation. I had it out on some forestry roads and atv trails today. The snow and mud kept me from completing my trail but I had a blast. Anyone else ride? Keep in mind I am on a little 225 not a 500 ktm or anything. So mostly just playing around at 20mph.

I know we all have the trucks but 2 things occurred to me while riding today. First thing was that I was having a lot of fun on roads that were so easy they would have been boring in the cruiser. Basicly just had small rocks, pudles and ruts on them. The other fun part was that I had access to trails that you can't bring a vehicle over 50" on. That was kind of fun.

One of the roads I was on was well graded and had thick gravel on it. That totally sucked. But anything other than thick gravel or sand was a blast to explore.

Anyway if anyone rides it looks like there is a bunch of forestry roads on the east side of 191 north of big sky I might explore soon. Let me know if you want to meet up some day. The trail I was on today was getting a little sketchy for me to go further by myself. Wheeling alone is not the smartest thing. Riding alone is basicly stupid....but I still do it. I st me know if you want to come along some time.
Aug 10, 2018
Bozeman, MT
I'm in the process of selling my dual sport DRZ400. It's really too big for single track, but I'm not smart enough to understand that. My old trail riding buddy sold his bike when he had kids and riding alone is dumb. I've also got an old 250 2-stroke, but it isn't street legal at the moment and getting my 40 reliable has been the focus of my shop time and cash for the last year.
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