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    Need creative ideas (capture nut lost)

    those plates are only spot welded in the middle. The top and bottom (retainers) bend back and forth to allow you to remove that capture plate. I would just take it out and drill the hole back out or make a new one. It is just a square piece of steel with two drilled and threaded holes in it.
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    1977. Fj40. Rear wheel/ diff. Can roll backwards. Not forwards

    I don’t see any other options for you. You are going to have to open it up and look inside. No matter how much speculation people may have, looking is the thing that will answer that question.
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    Anyone know what these hubs go to? WARN N84B

    They look to be for the early course spline axles.
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    Identify this lunchbox locker Please...

    Check the manufacturer website for installation instructions. youtube is a great resource as well.
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    What is this and why is it leaking? 1971 FJ40

    ^ what Steamer said. Oil always flows downhill so when you see it on the bottom, look up and see where it came from. Degrease the whole area and watch for the leak to show itself on a dry surface.
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    Welcome to Mud
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    rear heater

    If you pop the top off of it it will be easier to see where the leak is. You might get lucky and it only be the hoses.
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    Early 4-Speed FJ40 Parking Brake Drum on Split Transfer Case?

    If drive shafts are all that you are worried about just change the flange on the shaft to match what you need.
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    SWFL Powder Coater

    About Us | Fix It Patio Inc | Naples These guys are very good
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    SWFL Powder Coater

    About Us | Fix It Patio Inc | Naples
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    Fj40 lift

    I wouldn’t do it on a drive on lift unless you have trolley jacks. You are going to be much safer doing it on the ground. I would do it one end at a time and lift it by the bumper in the front and rear cross member on the rear. Some of those old pins are rusted in the bushings and a bear to...
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    What happened here?

    I bet that's one scary ride even on pavement. Those shackles on the back must be 12 inches. The front is just plain scary and I bet it is all over the road. Forget putting it in 4WD thats gonna turn out very badly.
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    Disc brake conversion question.

    Yes it looks like you are going to need fine spline birfields unless those hubs are course spline. I couldn't tell from the pic.
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    C-clip will not come out of ezlocker 1974 FJ40 Rear

    Never mind I see what you are saying. That’s an odd setup.
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    C-clip will not come out of ezlocker 1974 FJ40 Rear

    Pull the springs out too and slide the pins out of the opposing sides
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