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    Must Remove BJ73 Speedo Alarm

    great idea - just need to find a 24v relay -- thanks
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    BJ74 fibreglass flares

    I'd be interested if they were available in North America.
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    Must Remove BJ73 Speedo Alarm

    How can the 105km speed alarm be converted into a "headlights left on" alarm?
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    Napa oil filters

    Purolator PureOne PL30001
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    Fuel Heating System Idea

    One can add up to 10% premium gasoline in the winter to make cold starts easier. I heat the fuel mix with a Flat Plate Heat Exchanger connected between the fuel feed pump and the OEM fuel filter, it gets hot coolant from the heater circuit. It's mounted on the inner fender on the left side of...
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    Cold Start Video Thread

    Lower Rad Hose
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    Fuel Heating System Idea

    To make biodiesel work in a cold climate I store B50 mix out in the cold and let the High-Melting-Point-Esters settle out and only pump from the top clear layer for winter fuel. The system is self adjusting. It's much easier to remove the HMPEs before they clog the fuel system regardless of how...
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    Cold Start Video Thread

    BJ-74 Yukon cold-temperature start procedure: Before shut down the hand throttle is advanced to 1200 RPM The truck has a lower rad hose heater which is plugged in with a timer that preheats the engine coolant for about 6 hours prior to start up when temperatures are below freezing. For the glow...
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    Brake Fluid

    Any recommended brands? Is 'synthetic' better?
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    Brake Fluid

    What brake fluid is recommended for '89 Landcruisers?
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    Brake Fluid

    What brake fluid is recommended for '89 Landcruisers?
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    Vegetable/cooking oil as diesel. Long run effects, power and savings.

    Using VO as diesel fuel works OK in a hot climate but it has to be filtered and settled very clean. Very few people keep using it after the initial enthusiasm gives way to hard work collecting processing and filtering. There's plenty of information available on this section. Scroll down or...
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    Your experiences with after market fuel filters

    I use Donaldson for the final fuel filter and on the inlet to the fuel feed pump a Wix 33972 & Napa 3972 Fuel Filter
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    Pre-heating timer pin layout vs wire colors

    Pre heating duration depends on the temperature sensed by the pre-heat temperature sensor located in the engine thermostat housing. Simply unplug the sensor at the Tstat housing and the pre-heat should come-on for the maximum 14 sec every time the key goes to start. That's how to test the...
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    88 BJ74 pre-heat not working?

    If you disconnect the preheat temperature sensor on the thermostat housing [the one with two wires] the preheat should activate every time the engine is started. This is the easiest way to troubleshoot the preheat or get to to activate.
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