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    Stuck spark plug

    Just an idea - make sure the boot of the plug wire isn't still in there. Mine was in there and I cut a wire hanger, sharpened and curved it to get the old one out.
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    Magnaflow now owns Bosal

    Awesome, thank you. Great idea on the ceramic coating. I'll look into that Bosal muffler option as I start to put a parts list together. Cheers
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    Magnaflow now owns Bosal

    If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had it this way and was the cat-back system custom? Resonator and muffler new as well? Any issues introducing an extra couple tight angles to go over the frame as opposed to the straighter original path? I don't know how long cats are supposed to...
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    Recommended Tire pressure for 265/75R16

    I don't know a lot of this topic but when my rig came with non-standard tires and wheels, I reached out to BFG because I was curious what they'd say. Here was the response for BFG K02 LT265/70R17 (112/109S) tires with 4Runner Trail Edition wheels: I thought it was a helpful response! That...
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    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) for 80s

    Look forward to the update. Drawers are on my list (building from scratch) but this is the first time I'm seeing a good looking option that just requires assembly and finishing. If the price is reasonable, I'm in!
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    Magnaflow now owns Bosal

    For those of you that replaced with this, did you have Y-pipe AND cat issues and chose to replace both? It seems like a lot of people have clogged cats and replace the entire thing including Y-pipe. Just asking as I'd assume the Toyota Y-pipe would be higher quality metal provided no issues...
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    Magnaflow now owns Bosal

    Wait, it's $100 more expensive only 3 weeks later? Not cool.
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    Code p0401 research. Vacuum question

    Yup have the FSM, have learned way more about Toyota EGR systems than I ever thought I would. I did put vacuum on the EGR while the engine was running. If I pinched the DS hose (to VSV), it stumbled quite easily when I pulled vacuum on the other side. However, it did not stumble when I didn't...
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    Testing EGR system Code 71 Code p401 High NOx failed emissions

    Thanks for this concise write up. I think this is a really comprehensive way of looking at the system. I went through a similar process over the last week or so trying to come up with process for my particular situation, time, toolset, etc. One question on the EGR test - does it mean something...
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    near RTH: Vacuum Modulator Meltdown

    Thanks for the link! I hope it doesn't come to that just yet... I was able to get the EGR Valve to function correctly and cleaned the two TB to VM ports and put a new VM. Guess it's time to read up on how to test for clogged converters and order your link if it looks bad for me. Seems like...
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    Code p0401 research. Vacuum question

    Ah I wonder which of your steps cleared the code. Any chance you did the vacuum test again after reassembling? I was able to clean both the ports today by removing the intake hose. But I'm still only getting good vacuum from the E/P (TB/VM) port and little to none on the R/R side even with a new...
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    Throttle Body Port R Vacuum

    I'm in a similar spot. Verified both TB ports (E and R) are clear by removing intake hose and blowing cleaner through. According to the diagram below, R->R and E->P. Well I can feel strong vacuum on E->P but little to none on R->R. What gives? New vacuum modulator and VSV is measuring at 34 Ohms...
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    Code p0401 research. Vacuum question

    Did this cure it? Gonna attempt to clear mine without removing TB for now. But no idea how plugged it is or whether the crud falling in is harmful. Also, is it possible to do the intake-tube bypass to the VSV without removing the intake?
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    Looking to replace these hoses on my HDJ81. Cant find any info on them.

    Man that is clean...Not sure bout the first but second is the brake booster vacuum hose.
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    YAP0401 Thread

    I did a lot of diagnostics today based on this board, FSM, and youtube. Thought I'd post up what I did if it helps anyone and as a way of figuring out next steps if anyone has done similar. Or whether I should just try to drive and clear the P0401. It's my only vehicle and I need it to take me...
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