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    RTH - Dash removal

    Ready to pull the dash on a '97 LX450. Thought I had all fasteners removed but still feels attached in the upper middle. Below is a pic. It seems to pull from the silver bracket at the the top. Didn't know if that bracket is still somehow attached to dash and need to remove the two bolts in...
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    FJ60 at Land Cruiser Restoration

    Agree on Jim's bar work. He is making a set of step sliders for the 60. Really like his front low profile bumper. Reminds me of the Slee Short Bus bumper which is popular on the 80s. My only reason going with an ARB is concerns around here with potential deer strikes. I'm often on back...
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    Heated Seat Switches RX300

    Hoping someone can help me sort through wiring up the RX300 HI-LO Seat Heater Switches on a LX450. The elements were installed with Lseat leather covers. Electrical is not my strength and have spend hours looking for writing diagrams and treads that might explain the pinouts from the RX300...
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    FJ60 at Land Cruiser Restoration

    This is starting to feel like I'm expecting a baby. The '83 FJ60 has been down at Land Cruiser Restoration for a couple months. Picked this rig up a couple years ago from previous owner in Kansas City area who had sat on this for about 12 years in his garage with intentions of bringing it back...
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    Turbo vs Supercharged FJ80

    Think I will see how the Whit's End Turbo Kit plays out. Sure we will learn a few things after the first dozen installs. Plus I'm dumping kid's tuition money into bumpers and sliders at the moment. Decided to repurpose this LX450 rig from stock low mile 80 to mild wheeler. Afraid to check...
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    In the paint booth at Land Cruiser Restoration........more to come.
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    Turbo vs Supercharged FJ80

    This would be in a '97 LX450 with about 135k miles on the clock. So you noticed a significant difference riding in Rob's rig with the turbo? Rob, what issues do you see with the turbo? Related to your setup or turbos on the 80 in general?
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    Turbo vs Supercharged FJ80

    Have been following the progress of Whit's End plug and play turbo kit for the FJ80. Tempted to upgrade the LX450 with either turbo or a supercharger. Believe we have examples of both here in the KC area, correct? Would be curious to hear thoughts which would be a better approach to give the...
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    Retro OEM side stripes

    Is the hood ornament factory? Like the different look with the stripping. Thanks for sharing.
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    Land Cruiser Restorations LLC in Belle Plaine, KS

    I took my FJ60 to Jim at Land Cruiser Restorations for paint yesterday. Should have it back in a 30 days or so. Really liked meeting Jim and touring his place. Confident this will be a good experience. Jim makes some impressive looking aftermarket bumpers for the the 60s and 80s as well as...
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    Some advice for a 2016 LandCruiser 200 series

    Best and safest option for your dog is a proper sized kennel in cargo area. Should you be even in a slight accident, that pet becomes a projectile inside the cab going through possibly the windshield if not protected in a kennel. We wear seat belts, right? Give your buddy the same benefit...
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    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    White / tan 2013 Land Cruiser with 91k miles. $37,500. Single owner / clean Carfax with every service interval completed at same Toyota dealership. Told half the miles are trips to second home. Have been looking nationally but this was local and too convenient. Perfect find as I'm looking...
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    What is a low mileage cruiser?

    Have 135k miles on 97 LX. Have been daily driving since picking it up last Fall with 118K on the odometer. Keep saying I'm going to pick up a 100 or 200 for the work related highway miles but I like driving the 80.
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    LX450 Stero wiring

    What's the trick for removing the pins from these Metra and Scosche clips? I have been using a wire clip to try and unlock the side of pin attached to clip. Can't seem to get the pin to back out without putting too much tension pulling on the wire.
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    Parting Out SoCal. 1996 LX450, 108,000 miles

    Need the following: Passenger side head light assembly. Black triangle trim piece fits covering backside of passenger side mirror on inside of door . Shipped to 66213
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