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    Guy who was volunteering at the local habitat for humanity had one today. We were cooking lunch for the volunteers ( so he gets a pass for at least doing a good thing) and was bragging about how he got his for ONLY 37K. I looked it over and it looks nice but it being brand new it always looks...
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    I bet we know who this is...... looks good too!
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    Chinese ARB knock off lockers?....

    i have only looked at them after seeing them on an internet search. I have not seen any reviews on them from toyota drivers. I'm just going to stick it out and get the ARB's this winter.
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    Chinese ARB knock off lockers?....

    Your right I have never seen or heard of the people's liberation differentials. I mean it's one thing to get $4.99 channel locks and screwdrivers from China that you are not going to sweat of you leave them on a job site but a locking differential is another thing.
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    Chinese ARB knock off lockers?....

    Not sure if I should be excited or run like hell. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this company? It seems pretty good but I bet it is about as trustworthy as gas station sushi
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    craigslist cruiser crap

    . If I win mega millions I'm taking that to fall crawl, just need to figure out how to mount the grey poupon in the glove box.
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    He manages game preserves. I need to fall into a job like that.
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    In warrenton on Sunday
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    Gozzard makes a fiberglass hood. Saw an aftermarket hood that came from south america and it was unusable because it was almost 20mm too long.
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    Interest in new Scepter MFCs?

    Guy on eBay sells a spout with 12” hose for $23
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    Is that the 40 in the PS swap video you did?
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    For Sale FJ40 Wheels and Hubcaps - 5 Brand New

    any idea on shipping costs to 20186?
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    Dogs of MUD!

    Violet, Black lab and a born hunter
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    Check out our Calendar Page!

    Very cool. Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes to make this happen.
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    Stump is older than.............

    Happy Birthday!!
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